Carpet Cleaning Company in Milton Keynes

All cleaning products are environmentally friendly, safe for children and animals.

Here at Lasting Impressions Milton Keynes, we specialise in domestic home cleaning services from general house cleaning to specific and specialised jobs such as oven and carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is an important job which a lot of the time is overlooked until it’s too late. The frequency of needing a deep professional carpet clean is dependent on lots of different factors, some households will only need to get their carpets professionally cleaned every 18 months, whereas houses in the country side with a dog, 2 cats and 3 children would certainly need cleaning more regularly. Cleaning your carpets regularly will increases the life of your carpets and prevent them become tired, warn out and needing to be replaced.

Does anyone in your house have allergies?

The fibres in your carpet act as a net, catching all of the dust, pollen and other allergens whipped through the air through your doors and windows, as well being trod through on the bottom of your shoes. These allergens can build up over time and become airborne to once again tickle and tempt that runny nose and puffy eyes. Although this may just seem like an inconvenience, having a reaction every time you come in from work and waking up in the night to sneeze and blow your nose can start to have a big impact on your life. We would suggest getting a professional cleaning team to clean the carpets every 6 months to help to reduce the impact from these allergens, if you have acute allergies this may have to be even more frequent.

Do you wear shoes in your house?

Shoes are the prime suspect in your carpet becoming prematurely dirty and warn. Wearing your shoes inside track girt and grime into your house meaning your carpets will quickly become dirty. Frequent vacuuming can help to remove the top layers of dirt and grit from your carpet, however shoes (wet shoes especially) are renowned for treading the dirt deep into your carpet making it very difficult to remove with vacuuming alone, we would therefore suggest you get your carpet professional cleaned every 6-12 months.

Do you have any hairy pets?

Pet hair can be the thorn in your backside when it comes to keeping your carpets clean and hygienic! The fibres in your carpet can cling to the pet hair like Velcro, making it extremely difficult to remove by hovering and cleaning the floor if it’s left to build up over time. In addition to pet hair, your beloved little friends also have a reputation of rolling about in dirt and then transferring that over to your carpets, unfortunately this means that you will need to get your carpets cleaned professionally more often (a small price to pay to keep your little pets).

To find out more information about cleaning your carpets or to book a professional consultation, please contact us at Lasting Impressions MK.

When dirt, stains and dander build up, soft furnishings, beds and carpets release odours and will irritate skin and respiratory conditions – Lasting Impressions remove it all.

  • Had a carpet cleaned and spilt something on it a few weeks later
  • Had a stain that strangely reappears
  • Struggled to keep people or pets out of a room for a day while a carpet dries
  • Forgotten a carpet was wet?

Lasting Impressions have solved all of these problems with the following carpet cleaning service guarantees:

  • If a stain reappears within 28 days we will return
  • Your carpet is left moist, rather than wet, so it’ll dry within two hours
  • If we are unable to leave it much cleaner, you don’t pay.

Mattress Cleaning

We also provide a mattress and bedding cleaning service, for more information please contact us.