Additional Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes

All cleaning products are environmentally friendly, safe for children and animals.

Here at Lasting Impressions, we always endeavour to customise the cleaning service we provide and to tailor it to your personal needs. If you have a specific set of needs, for instance you have 3 dogs and therefore once a month you’d like us to clean your carpets thoroughly then we can make sure you have that included in the service. Likewise, if you have three children, you may really appreciate us giving you a hand with the laundry and ironing, again we can do this as frequently as you feel is necessary.

Here are a few examples of the different additional services we can provide for you in our cleaning service:

Spring Cleans  

As spring approaches and the weather starts to improve it’s a great time to start to think about giving your home a spring spruce-up. Deep cleaning your home after the dark and dreary months in winter allows you to sit back and relax, only having to keep your home tidy, rather than systematically tackling each room after months of not thinking about cleaning. At Lasting Impressions Milton Keynes, we can give you a helping hand in tackling the winter build up.

 Ironing & Laundry

The never-ending fight with laundry is hard enough when you live on your own, let alone if you have a partner and kids. We all know it takes a matter of days for that laundry pile to develop from a manageable mound to a mountain of shirts, trousers and dirty socks! For our valued clients, we are happy to provide a solution to this stress. Whether you need an emergency one off laundry service or ongoing help throughout the month, we are here to help.

After Party Cleaning

New Year, birthdays, Christmas, we all love a good family get-together and a party, however the thought of tidying the ensuing mess is enough to give us all shivers. Regardless of the occasion, Lasting Impressions Milton Keynes is here to help. Let us clear away the debris, clean the spilt wine from your carpets and wash up your glasses, there is nothing better than when you come down stairs with a sore head to know that you can rely on us to restore the tranquillity of your home.

End of Tenancy Cleans

Not returning your rented property in a suitable and clean state is the single largest factor for not getting your deposit returned, it makes up 56% of all deposit disputes in the UK. Despite this, it is probably the easiest cause to rectify. Why would you risk losing hundreds of pounds from not getting your deposit back when you can bring in a professional team of cleaners with the experience in knowing exactly what needs to be cleaned and replaced to ensure you receive your deposit? If you’re planning on moving, get in contact with us and we can arrange an end of tenancy clean when you move.

Oven & Range Cooker Cleansing

The grease and nasties which build up on the bottom and sides of your oven aren’t only unhygienic and make your food taste off, it can cause a serious fire risk! The kitchen, unsurprisingly, is the most common place for a house fire to start, with ovens being a major culprit, 200 degree heat coming in contact with oil and grime is a catalyst for a fire. It is also no secret that ovens are particularly difficult to clean. By getting a professional cleaner in to clean your oven, you are saving yourself a really nasty job, your making your oven more hygienic and most importantly you are protecting your family and home from the risk of fire.

To find out more information about any of these additional services we provide or to book a professional consultation, please contact us at Lasting Impressions MK.